Dr. Garcia’s Gold Tooth

Dr. Garicia Gold ToothAs some of you may have noticed if you look closely when he smiles wide, Dr. Garcia has a gold filling on a back tooth.  There is a story there with a personal connection.  When Todd was in college he, like most teenagers, might not have been the most diligent in his brushing and flossing and developed a cavity.  Lucky for Todd, his dad was a dentist and he was able to have the cavity filled by his father over break.  The filling Dr. Garcia Sr. chose for his son was (and still is) the “gold standard” – actual gold.  Gold fillings are a financial and cometic choice for patients.  Whereas some patients prefer a tooth colored (composite) or silver (amalgam) filling, nothing was too good for his son and sparing no expense a gold filling was placed on Todd’s back molar. 

Dr. Garcia Sr. was a talented craftsman and performed all his own lab work for his patients so Todd’s gold filling was handmade by his father.  Todd’s dad passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack a few years later but Todd will always have the skilled workmanship of his father to remind him of his dad’s lasting professional expertise.  It is this dedication to detail that helped inspire Todd to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue dentistry. 

So next time Dr. Garcia flashes a big smile and you catch the glint of his gold tooth, know that it is a reminder to Todd of the father he lost and the man who influenced him in his current profession.