Some teeth cannot be saved despite our best efforts. In these situations, the teeth must be extracted. Difficult extractions or patients that have high anxiety levels may be referred to oral surgeons (tooth extraction specialists). We will review each case and make the best decision.

Dental tooth extractions involve removal of the entire tooth, including the root of the tooth. A dental radiograph will be taken of the tooth to help the dentist plan for the extraction and to verify that the tooth is not restorable. If a tooth is infected, an antibiotic may be prescribed before the procedure. A dental extraction can be one of two types:

  1. Simple extraction: the tooth is visible and does not fracture during the procedure
  2. Surgical extraction: the tooth may need to sectioned (cut in half) during the procedure or bone may need to be removed around the tooth to help the extraction proceed more smoothly. Impacted wisdom teeth typically fall into this category.

Once the tooth has been completely removed, post-operative instructions will be given to the patient and prescriptions will be given, if necessary. Restorative procedures to restore the extraction site back to full function will be discussed with the patient.

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